Cold Glaze for Cakes

Nothing says baking glamour quite like a shimmering mirror glaze on your cake. Traditionally glazes would need to be applied hot, which ran the risk of altering the texture of the cake underneath, but now we have Cold Glaze.

Cold Glaze allows you to apply the most luxurious finish to your cakes and fruit flans at room temperature, maintaining both freshness and texture. The glaze simply sets once exposed to air giving you beautiful results in a fraction of the time.

How to use Cold Glaze:

1. Glaze should be poured on a chilled cake for best results.

2. To start work with Cold Glaze you may need to add water or slightly warm the Cold Glaze in the microwave. This will give you the consistency you are looking for to cover the cake.

3. How much water you use depends on the ambient temperature and how thick you want the glaze to go on. Generally up to 10% water is added to achieve the best result.

4. Once the glaze is poured on it is generally spread around with a pallet knife. The glaze will set in approximately in two minutes. Once set it will not run anymore, keep its shine and stay moist without developing a skin for number of days.

5. The Glaze is Freeze stable.

6. It can be used over the top of the ganache sauce to achieve spectacular results.

7. Vanilla (white) cold glaze is ideal to add any gel colour to give desired colour effects. Neutral cold glaze can also be used for similar purpose.