Edible Colour Sprays

Effortlessly create stunning gradients and consistent solid colours on your cakes and desserts with ChefMaster Spray Colours.

ChefMaster Edible Colour Spray 42g range:

How to use ChefMaster Edible Colour Spray:

  1. Before spraying edible spray on dessert, practice on a paper towel to become familiar with spray application.
  2. Hold can at 75º angle at least 6-8 inches from area to be covered.
  3. Allow 1-3 minutes for drying.
  4. With a light spray, one can will cover approximately 8 dozen cupcakes, nine 8″ round cakes or four 9″x13″ cakes. Actual yield will vary depending on the colour intensity desired.
  5. For consistent all over colour continue moving over cake in a semi orbital (hemisphere) motion.
  6. For a shadowing or highlight effect spray back and forth from one side of your cake allowing the colour to drift.

ChefMaster Edible Colour Sprays and all your other food colouring products are available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For current pricing and stock levels please call us on +612 9555 8300 or visit us in store.