Stellar Anodised Bakeware

Stellar Anodised Bakeware is made using a time-honoured  manufacturing process, transforming regular aluminium into fabulous hardened non-stick bakeware that lasts forever and achieves the ultimate baking results.

The Anodising Process:

To create the hardened, non-stick and non-porous surface of Stellar Bakeware, without any spray or bonded coatings, an anodising process is used. The raw aluminium bakeware pieces are placed in an acid bath which is electrically charged. The pans then react with the acid bath creating a thick layer of oxide, not only on the surface of the pan, but several layers in. It is this oxide which hardens the surface, renders it non-reactive to other acids commonly used in cooking (lemon, tomato, rhubarb etc.) and also makes it non-stick. There are no PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) chemicals as with traditional non-sticks, and the surface is also scratch resistant and easy to clean.

The Range:

Stellar Round Sandwich Tin

Perfect for making individual sponge layers or non-leavened cakes or breads.

20cm x 5cm $22.95
25cm x 5 cm $28.95
30cm 5cm $36.95

Stellar Deep Cake Tin

For standard cake recipes and tiered cakes. The non-stick properties of the anodised surface mean cakes turn out easily without the need for baking paper.

20cm x 7.5cm $25.95
25cm x 7.5cm $33.95

Fluted Flan Tin

Quiche flan and tart all need a consistent gentle heat for that perfect pastry crust and even cooking throughout the filling. These Stellar flan tins are the perfect solution.

9cm x 2cm $8.50
21cm 2cm $22.95
27cm x 2cm $30.95

Baking Tray

Whether baking your best biscuits or roasting the perfect potatoes, Stellar’s selection of baking trays will give you even cooking results from all types of ovens.

26cm x 17cm x 2.5cm $22.95
32cm x 22cm x 1.9cm $29.95
36cm x 26cm x 1.9cm $37.95
42cm x 30cm x 1.9cm $47.95

Stellar Anodised Bakeware is available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For stock and updated pricing information please call us on +612 95558300.