Heidi Farm Cheeses

To make a Swiss cheese in Australia you are going to want to go about as far South as you can. Heidi Farm is nestled in the North of Tasmania where the fertile soil is free of contaminants. So why does this matter? Well, as the founding Heidis discovered the milk produced on these pastures is similar in fat content to that found in dairies in the Swiss Alps region. Similarly the chilly temperatures of the region mean that the cheese can be matured without the threat of extremely hot temperature.

With an enviable number of industry awards under their belt, Heidi Farm cheeses are considered the benchmark for Swiss style cheeses in Australia.

Heidi Tilsit

Heidi Farm Tilsit is a sumptuous cheese with a rich, dense texture and distinctive nutty overtone. It makes for a fabulous table cheese and is regularly enjoyed according to European tradition – eaten with bread at breakfast time. Heidi Tilsit is also widely used in sauces and vegetable dishes and is perfect for grilling and melting.

Heidi Raclette

Heidi Farm Raclette, Australia’s most awarded cheese, presents an intense perfume and mild nutty, milky flavour. The rind of the cheese is washed and scrubbed during production, promoting flavour development and ripening. The supple interior of this multiple Australian Grand Champion Cheese is best appreciated when the cheese is melted or cooked. Traditionally Raclette is melted on a raclette burner, scraped and eaten with boiled waxy potatoes and pickles.

Heidi Gruyere

Heidi Farm Gruyere with its abundance of awards, is considered the benchmark and one of the finest farmhouse cheeses to be produced in Australia. Crafted by hand to a traditional technique, this classic Gruyere is wonderfully smooth and nutty in flavour and offers a strong aroma. Matured for at least 9 months and often longer, creates a texture that ranges from moist and smooth when young, to concentrated and flaky when well-aged.

Because of it’s quality melting properties and great texture, Heidi Farm Gruyere is a wonderful cheese for cooking – perfect for grilling or using in a fondue, soufflé or quiche.

Not quite sold on our moreish descriptions of the Heidi Farm cheeses? Come in any time and try them for yourself. All 3 Heidi Farm cheeses are stocked at our Cheese Counter.