Fairley Dairy Farm

Meet the makers of the cream that goes into the creation of Pepe Saya’s moreish cultured butter, and learn how a sensitive approach to the entire milk production and distribution process results in a better quality product.

John Fairley

John Fairley and his farming family have been part of the Picton community since 1855. Six generations of Fairleys have worked the land producing quality dairy products in one form or another from the fertile grasslands of the Wollondilly Shire.

The milk the Fairley family produce, the way they produce it and the ethical way in which they manage their milk production facility is the reason Pepe Saya looked to John and his family to produce the cream for Pepe Saya butter. Fairley Dairy manage 18 separate pastures that grow a variety of stock feeds. The cow’s graze on one combination of soft grasses in the morning and then another combination of hard grasses in the afternoon. During milking the cows are fed a grain blend for digestive health and to keep them happy during the milking process.

Grazing Dairy Cows

The quality milk produced is also a result of a mix of livestock breeds. John’s cow herd is made up of a combination of Jersey, Friesian, Swiss Brown & Jersey-Friesian Cross. What this means in real terms is a milk that is higher in fat and creamier than one taken straight from a 100% Friesian herd.

As both a dairy farmer and milk processor at Country Valley John understands the immense pressures that Australian dairy farmers face. He is one of a handful of producer/manufacturers who are saying no to the $1 a litre milk movement headed by the big 2 supermarkets, and ensuring that his dairy farmers are paid what their milk is worth. This has resulted in better profits for farmers and a higher quality product for consumers. As John points out this is an approach that works for all fresh produce. The economic, environmental and social benefits of sourcing fresh produce locally are immense, but most importantly it keeps farmers on farms and the freshest food on your table.

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Please note that this article is an editorial accompaniment to our showcase on Pepe Saya Cultured Butter. The Essential Ingredient Rozelle does not stock Country Valley milk products.