Edible Gold, Lustre Dust, Paint & Powder

Edible gold is used to decorate cakes, chocolates, candies and as a garnish in drinks or on foods. It makes a bold statement when added to a recipe and is arguably the most decadent addition you can make to your dish without sacrificing your health.

Is gold really edible?

Gold is considered biologically inert, meaning it passes through the body without damaging it. However not all gold is edible. When purchasing edible gold make sure it is between 22 and 24 carat gold as these are the most pure. Other gold products may contain trace elements of different origins and it is these other metals that can do harm to your body.

What types of edible gold are available?

Edible gold comes in leaves and flakes. Flakes are best used in applications where just a hint of gold is required, such as in cocktails or on sweets or chocolates. Gold leaf is more suited to applications where a large area needs to be covered such as the famous Opera Cake.

Are there other ingredient I can use to achieve a gold colour?

Yes, other products include lustre dusts, gold paint and gold decorating pens.

Lustre dust is particularly good for touching up the edges of detailed fondant work with a little sparkle. This can be applied with a clean makeup brush.

Metallic Gold Powder can be used as a dust on baked goods and fondant, mixed with and alcohol (vodka will do) and turned into a paint, combined with mirror glaze for total cake coverage or mixed into buttercream at varying ratios depending on the colour depth required. It is perhaps the easiest and most versatile way to add gold to your cake decorating repertoir

Gold paint sits between decorating pens and lustre dust in terms of versatility. It gives a sharper finish when applied to the edge of decorations, but is not as accurate as a pen so is difficult to use for detailed work. When using gold paint you should decide exactly where you want to apply it before you begin working with it as it dries very quickly and can become clumpy if not applied with a modicum of haste.

Where can I buy all these products?

All these products and more decorating tools and ingredients are available at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle.