Gianduja Chocolate Spread

You don’t know chocolate and hazelnut spread until you have tried La Nocciola Gianduja Chocolate Spread.

The world is obsessed with chocolate and hazelnut spread and there are literally millions of recipes that utilize this much loved product. One major issue with a lot of these spreads is the use of cheap modified palm oil and modified cocoa, which carry with them a range of both human health and environmental problems. These ingredients also effect taste and texture in a very big way, so with this in mind we encourage you to treat yourself to a better quality chocolate and hazelnut spread with La Nocciola Gianduja Chocolate Spread.

La Nicciola Gianduja Chocolate Spread 360g

La Nicciola Gianduja Chocolate Spread contains 16% hzelnuts, is 100% palm oil free and is made with UTZ certified cocoa, which means sourcing practices are both kind to the environment and fair to the cocoa farmers back pocket.


sugar, gianduja chocolate (30%)(hazeknuts, sugar, fat-reduced cocoa, cocoa butter), sunflower oil, skimmed milk powder, whey powder (milk), hazelnuts, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavouring. Gluten free.

RRP: $12.00

How you can use gianduja in your recipes

  • Paint your dough with gianduja before making a plaited loaf. Once baked you will get a lovely smokey chocolate taste through the bread. Serve with lashings of cultured butter.
  • Spread gianduja across your rolled out croisant dough before forming the final crescent for a flaky and buttery chocolate treat
  • Fill chocolate truffle shells with this decadent chocolate hazelnut spread for simple and delicious chocolate truffles
  • Combine equal parts gianduja and icing mixture to create moreish shortbread biscuit fillings.
  • Add gianduja to your set or baked vanilla cheesecake recipe and mix thoroughly through the cream cheese mixture. A 23cm cheesecake will require 150g to 200g of gianduja.
  • Warm gianduja over a low heat to serve with fresh fruit as a chocolate hazelnut fondue. If consistency becomes too thick add a tablespoon at a time of pure cream until a lighter consistency forms.
  • Use instead of jam or marmalade in a bread and butter pudding. Instead of fruits use chopped hazelnuts instead.
  • Wake up in the middle of the night and go to the kitchen, get a spoon and plunge into the jar of gianduja. Enjoy!


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