Neha’s Ice Cream

Neha Sen’s range of all natural, Indian-inspired ice creams and sorbets are made using the best ingredients to create mouth-watering flavours that are the perfect complement to almost any dessert.

Neha SenAbout Neha

“I am a food fanatic! Food is my religion and the gourmet local markets my church! I was born and bred in India but now call Australia home. My cuisine blends the two cultures, creating fabulous new fusions. I also love an audience and people have told me, that if a picture tells a thousand words – wait until you see Neha’s face, you’ll need a hundred thousand!” – Neha Sen

Raspberry & Rose 500mlRaspberry & Rose Sorbet 500ml

Romantic rose laces refreshing raspberry in a match made in food heaven! You’ll be tickled pink by this delicate and delicious sorbet sensation!

Mango & Honey Lassi 500mlMango & Honey Lassi 500ml

Rich and creamy frozen yoghurt with sweet Australian Kensington Pride mangos.

Cardamom 500mlCardamom 500ml

Kulfi inspired, this Indian classic has a zingy addition of zesty cardamom seeds.

Spiced Orange Chocolate 500mlSpiced Orange Chilli Chocolate 500ml

Decadent chocolate ice-cream sprinkled with cassia bark, mellow Kashmiri chilli and natural orange.

Fresh Ginger & Lime 500mlFresh Ginger & Lime Sorbet 500ml

A zesty and dairy free sorbet made from fresh ginger and lime juice.

Coconut, Lemon Myrtle & Macadamia 500mlCoconut, Lemon Myrtle & Macadamia 500ml

A delicious combination of two iconic Australian flavours, macadamia and Lemon myrtle meet a coconut twist.