Pepe Saya Butter

Three artisan producers, famous in their own right, come together to create one very iconic butter and it’s the stories behind these producers that culminates in one very tasty product.

Pepe Saya

There is one question that butter maker Pepe Saya is constantly asked – ‘What is cultured butter?’

“The question seems to echo everywhere I’m promoting my butter and it’s a question with merit!”

As Pepe points out most consumers aren’t concerned with cultures in their butter. Most just want a butter that tastes good and this is exactly the reason why Pepe began putting lactic cultures into his cream, to create a more enhanced, slightly sour butter flavour that the Pepe Saya brand has become so well known for. Once the cultures are added to the cream it is left to ferment for 25 hours and then aged for 4 weeks before being churned

Inoculated Cream

The probiotic components in the butter weren’t fully understood until Pepe turned to the scientists at Silliker Lab for a better explanation as to why his butter was not only tasting so good, but also contributing to better gastrointestinal health.

“The normal flora found in the gastrointestinal tract of humans contains probiotic bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria help sort out useful versus harmful substances that you eat. They also convert lactose to lactase and compete with harmful bacteria for nutrients. They produce helpful antibacterial substances as a by-product and therefore promote a healthy environment for the gastrointestinal tract.

If lactic acid bacteria populations are below normal levels within your gut, a probiotic supplement is required to boost up the numbers to efficiently sort out the nutrients versus toxins present in your gastrointestinal tract. Lactic acid bacteria are typically present in yoghurt and fermented dairy products”

Churned Butter

So there you have it! Better taste and better health, rolled into one delicious indulgence. But probiotics are just part of the story.

Our range:

Pepe Saya Butter 225gm

Pepe Saya Cultured Butter is the finest richest tasting butter on the market. This taste which is achieved by allowing cream to ferment and sour over a two-week period before being churned. The culture converts lactose into lactic acid which produces additional aroma compounds (such as diacetyl) which causes the extremely buttery scent and flavour that uncultured butter does not normally possess.

Pepe Saya Ghee 190ml

Made from Pepe Saya’s cultured butter, packed with flavour and with a smoke point of 230- it’s an absolute game changer in your cooking. Once people start using it, there’s generally no turning back. Pepe Saya Ghee was first recognised because their own factory staff were taking the butter home and making their own ghee for their Nepalese and Indian cooking.  So Pepe started making it for them.

Pepe Saya Creme FraichePepe Saya Creme Fraiche 200ml

The delicious soured cream that helps make Pepe Saya Butter soooooooo good. Made the traditional way, everyone enjoys this authentic, thick Crème Fraîche. Crème Fraîche is available in a 200ml Plastic retail tamper-proof container and in a 1litre food service bucket (special orders only.)