Pialligo Estate Smokehouse

Pialligo Estate’s award-winning artisan smokehouse creates naturally smoked products that showcase the best of the Canberra region. A subtle smokey aroma, well balanced flavour, delicate texture and minimal wastage are hallmarks of their products.

Pialligo Estate’s smoking methods are traditional Northern European and all the ingredients used to semi-cure or marinate their products are hand crushed and have no colourings or artificial flavours.

Pialligo Estate Bacon Jam 200mlBacon Jam 200ml

RRP – $10.50

Pialligo Estate’s Bacon Jam can be used as a relish to accompany your wine and cheese, as a tasty side perfect for ham and turkey or as an added extra to your breakfast.

Rich in flavour, Pialligo Estate’s Bacon Jam is made with onion, bacon, port and our special spices. It truly is a jar full of surprises!

Pialligo Estate Diced Lardons 200gBacon Lardons Diced 200g

RRP – $5.50

Pialligo Estate’s Diced Lardons are the perfect complement to any dish, from a rich Carbonara to a quick omelette- delicious and easy to use!

These lardons are also a natural partner to recipes that include shellfish.

Pialligo Estate Streaky Smoked Bacon 200gSmoked Streaky Bacon 200g

RRP – $8.95

With a perfect lean to fat ratio, Pialligo Estate’s bacon has minimal shrinkage and does not lose moisture. Their bacon products have a well balanced flavour with a smokey aroma and excellent texture. The critics also love their product, with our smoked and cured bacon winning Best Artisan Bacon in Australia in 2014 and 2015.

Perfect for the traditional bacon and eggs but also a delicious delight to any meal.

A select range of Pialligo Estate Smokehouse products is available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For updated pricing information and stock level please call us on +612 9555 8300 or visit us in store.