Simka Foods Smallgoods

Simka Foods, a proud West Australian company, use only organic, free-range ingredients to create their delicious ham hocks and smoked chorizo. Simka Meats & Smallgoods use traditional woodchip smoking techniques, which provides the best possible flavour and colour. Available in store now.

Smoked ChorizoSmoked Chorizo Sausage:

Simka Food’s traditionally smoked Spanish Chorizo can be served as sliced charcuterie, baked into egg dishes or fried for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its intense smoky aroma makes it a beautiful addition to tomato sauces and paella.

Smoked Ham HockSmoked Ham Hock:

Simka Foods smoked ham hock is cured in house and then smoked over pecan chips for a sweet and intense nutty flavour. It is the penultimate ingredient in a pea and ham soup or can be slow roasted to be served as a delicious winter dinner.

La Boqueria Traditional Mild or Hot Chorizo:

Using primal cuts (muscle trimmed of secondary fats), and back fat of locally sourced NSW pork and high quality Spanish spices, we have produced our ‘award winning’ La Boqueria Chorizo, to retain the flavours and aroma as close as possible to Spain’s very best own.Mild Chorizo