Essential Garden Tools

Build your best kitchen garden with tools that are built last. Our new range of garden tools to suit plots and pots of all shapes and sizes are now in store now. From transplanting seedlings, turning soils and prying pesky weeds from between your precious plantings, there is a tool that is right for the job.

Offset Hand Trowel 32cm

This solid offset hand trowel gives great leverage and is ideal for weeding and digging. The generous width also makes it a fantastic tool for transporting small amount of soil when potting.

Plant and Weed Hand Tool 39cm

This solid hand tool is perfect for removing plants from pots and for seedling planting, transplanting and separating. The solid steel construction means the tool won’t bend at the handle when levering more ingrown plants from the soil.

Broad Blade Heart Hoe 40cm

This solid garden hoe has both a broad blade and a heart shaped blade and is ideal for shallow planting and working in confined areas. The heart shape blade digs and the broad blade cultivates and moves soil.

2 Prong Broad Blade Hoe 40cm

This solid garden hoe has a broad blade and a 2 tine cultivator in one! It is perfect for cultivating- beds and between rows- and for chopping roots and moving soil. The double prong allows you to get deep into soil and around tap roots for removing stubborn deep rooted weeds.

Paving Scraper Tool 35cm

This solid paving scraper has both hook and a knife and removes weeds from joints between pavers leaving you with a flawless pathway to stroll upon as you take in your splendid kitchen garden.


Sows Tooth Hoe 44cm

This solid hand tool has one long prong and is perfect for in-depth and careful loosening of ground particularly in raised beds. The sows tooth can also be used to mark rows for seed and seedling planting.

An even wider range of garden tools is available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. For stock information and pricing please call us on +612 9555 8300 or visit us in store.