Christmas Crackers 2017

Dress your Christmas table with our range of Celebration Crackers. Handrolled, tied and finished, each cracker contains a quality trinket, quote or joke, and the essential Christmas hat. Available in multi-packs or as individual crackers to suit dinners of any size. Click on the images to discover more.

Eco TraysEco Trays 6 Pack

Each Eco Cracker is made from recycled materials giving you extravagance without the guilt. The gifts inside the crackers are all made with 100% biodegradable materials.

Available in:

  • Eco Tag
  • Eco Snowflake
  • Eco Eden


deluxeDeluxe 12″ Crackers 6 Pack

Wow your guests at any celebration with our Deluxe Crackers. All contain exclusive gifts and look spectacular on a dressed table.

Available in:

  • Red and Green Kraft
  • Candy Tag
  • Flocked Velvet
  • Bauble Kraft (not pictured)


magic-crackerRidley’s Magic Crackers 6 Pack

One of our most popular styles, Ridley’s Magic Crackers contain 6 amazing tricks that will keep your family and friends entertained throughout your Christmas celebrations. The vibrant design makes them the perfect choice for quirky table settings.

pet-crackersPet Crackers Individual

Pets can enjoy crackers too! With our handmade crackers for dogs and cats, the snap has been removed to protect their sensitive ears, with some healthy biscuits inside for them to enjoy and a toy for them to play with.




Deer deer-crackersDouglas Deluxe Crackers 6 Pack

Created in collaboration with designer Ros Shiers this set of 6, 12″ illustrated crackers contain an assortment of practical kitchen utensils, perfect for a group of fussy foodies.

Each box contains a selection of six gifts including a whisk, grater, heart cookie cutter, star cookie cutter, oil pourer and tea infusing ball.


balloon-crackersRidley’s Balloon Modelling Crackers 6 Pack

The fun doesn’t have to stop at pulling open the crackers. Inside our Ridley’s trays are gifts to keep guests of all ages entertained.

In one tray there are six magic tricks to practice, perfect and show off, while in the other there are 36 modelling balloons, instructions and a hand pump – everything you need for colourful and creative balloon creatures.


Christmas crackers pictured plus many more styles are available now at The Essential Ingredient Rozelle. Please note that due to demand we cannot place Christmas crackers on hold for individual customers. For pricing information and stock levels please call us on +612 9555 8300.