Crusty Bake by Masterclass

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A revolutionary new take on the award winning Masterclass bakeware that creates the perfect crispy crust. The carefully selected range includes key items for baking and cooking anything dough and… Read More »


Safe Trang by Felix Halter

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Designer of the SafeTrang, Felix Halter Swiss born, Felix Halter is the son of an architect that specialised in designing hotels and restaurants in Switzerland and beyond. From an early… Read More »


Organum by Peter Gilmore

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While there is a layered complexity to world-renowned chef Peter Gilmore’s ethereal – yet grounded – cuisine, his philosophy of cooking is relatively simple. Just four elements are required to… Read More »


Simple Pleasures: Pasta

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Every time I purchase supermarket┬ádried pasta an all too familiar sense of anxiety creeps up on me. For some reason I just know that this pasta is made to give… Read More »


Pordamsa Sublime

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THE SUBLIME COLLECTION The Pordamsa Sublime collection draws it eye-catching form from all aspects of nature. Inspired by the creatures of the sea, geometic┬árock striations, delicate crystaline forms and the… Read More »